About 2 months ago I got to sit down with Mark Hawkes from Summit Pacific College and do a video interview.One exception, I was playing in a character that Mark knew nothing about. I gave him limited knowledge of what we were filming. I had sent Mark information about 4 separate segments and 3 questions we would cover in each of those segments. I told him I wanted him to be cold and pompous to me, but still convey the information. Mark, as far as I know, isn't an actor. He could have fooled me.

I started into character right away and I kept a straight face. My goal was to get through the questions, but try and make Mark crack up. We filmed segment one and he didn't so much as flinch. He was stone cold. Time to film segment two. I decided to start going down any rabbit trail that would present itself. Finally I got him. When you watch the blooper reel, the first time I got Mark to crack was my mention of the cougar trail, from there on he began to lose his grip on the stone cold face and we had some good laughs.

Thanks Mark! I was thoroughly impressed with your straight face and ability to just keep going, even though I would keep laughing.

A great time and great services put on by PCC