Working in production is fast paced. Things change all the time. Requests come up all the time.Question is: Are you ready for it? There's no way any one person can be 100% perfect at everything production related. It's not possible. But say you get yourself well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite (a task I am still working at) and someone comes to you asking for a 20' poster with a tight design needed. Are you ready for it? Or maybe perhaps someone comes to you with a 4 day deadline that requires you to script, shoot, edit and produce a 4 min online video. Are you ready for it? You might have a love or passion to jump into production. I think that's awesome. I want to see you go for it. But when push comes to shove are you ready for it? The only way I can stay ready for it and you can be too, is if you keep working at it everyday. It takes time. I've got this messed jumble of thoughts in my head that breaks down to this: life is made up of what seem like small insignificant choices. They may seem insignificant 95% of your life, but when the nitty gritty gets going they mean the world. What I decide to do in the next 5 minutes can either help or hurt me tomorrow, a year from now, five years from now etc. Making all those insignificant choices line up to a longer term goal or vision will help you get ready for it. Are you ready for it?