I have an incredible chance to work with people all over the world. Some of these people I see often and others I have yet to meet.This post isn't to guilt anyone, or to make you feel the urge to give or anything like that. This is simply to help make myself and my readers aware of how small of a world we live in. We really are a lot more connected than we think. Currently on my desktop I have a folder of pictures marked "Haiti" over the last couple weeks I have sat down with a man named Ron. Ron has an incredible passion and desire for the country of Haiti. He came to me to ask for help with a video project on the things he's helping with and seeing get done in Haiti. I was looking through these pictures last week and I came across this one: haiti

Today I started reading through some headlines on world news, simply because of the earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday. I came across this link from Boston.com

I started thinking today about this little girl. Where is she? Is she ok? I began thinking of Ron. I saw him for a moment yesterday before he stepped out for lunch with a guy at the office. The news of Haiti hadn't been made yet. How did he take it?

Whatever it is I do in life, I have learned one thing. I'm compelled to help. I'm compelled to give. I know how lucky I have it and I know I can do my part to help out. So, what compels you?