Welcome to the New Year! The year is 2010. According to the movie 'Terminator Salvation" in a couple of years we will be living in a post-apocalyptic age where 35 year old John Connor must protect his 17 year old dad from the Skynet Robots. WOW! It's going to be a crazy two years leading up to that day!!!

I take the bus to work most days. I don't have to, but I like it. I like people watching, I like having someone else drive me to work... even if it means I have to walk a few blocks to the actual building. It's fun. It gives me time to think.

- why do so many people have their TV on at home from the moment they get home from work to the moment they go to bed (is it our modern day stories by the fire?)? - if it is a modern day fire story, do you think in the old days the people listening would ask the storyteller to change their story in the middle? MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ONE! I HATE COMMERCIALS!!! - why do so many people drive themselves to work, just so they can sit in a cubicle by themselves, just so they can then drive themselves back home AND THEN they want some time to themselves? - why do people on the bus look at you judgmentally when they are already on the bus themselves? - why do the baristas at starbucks wash off their spoons with cold water? or why do they rinse it off in a container with other dirty spoons AND THEN use it to pour your drink into a cup? - why do americans only get the joy of hulu? - when was the last time you sat down with no forms of technology around you when you weren't on vacation? - how do people expect to do things they've always wanted to do without every actually just doing it?

That's it. Just a couple thoughts. In case you were wondering, most of those questions are actually rhetorical.

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins