Are you using an RSS Feed Reader? Why not?Most people I talk to don't use these amazing features available online and for FRRRRRRREEEEEEEEE!

If you follow a number of blogs, it's a must to be using something like Google Reader - it will save you time and hassle. Forget a huge bookmark folder of WAY TOO many links, now go to one page and see ALL YOUR FEEDS in one spot.

I follow a number of different blogs, but in the spirit of the Stop Five Records here are my top five feeds that I follow:

1) Post Secret I always look forward to their posts every Saturday/Sunday. A must for anyone. I recommend you look into their story and see why they post random people's secrets on postcards online.

2) Video CoPilot I love this site SO MUCH. Andrew Kramer and the Video CoPilot community is awesome!

3) AE/PSD Tuts I love the TUTS community, blogs and FREE resources. It's worth the $9 monthly fee for the extra stuff as well. It's awesome. They post something pretty much everyday and it's almost all great stuff.

4) Weddings in Motion My good friends and talented couple that put together some awesome Wedding videos.

5) GreyScale Gorilla I'm just getting plugged into what Nick Vegas is doing with the gorilla and he has some awesome FREE tutorials and is inspiring me to learn more for compositions and start using C4D.

Honourable Mention Already Been Chewed

There's my top five feeds. Who are yours? Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins

PS - I got a video plug from Barton Damer. Pretty awesome! Thanks so much Barton!