Merry Christmas EveryoneI had the privilege last night of being a part of all three Christmas Eve services for PCC

I was able to put together a couple videos for the night that went over very well, but this was the highlight for me for the night.

It's called Peace Came Down and was written by our very own Logan Hawkins and Dean Orrell. Fantastic Job gentlemen.

What is peace? What is rest? What is it you’ve got in store for us?

What is peace? What is comfort? Shelter from these troubled times?

What about truth? What about mercy? What of the sacrifice of love you made for us?

Show me your face Show me your love Show me the reason why you came for me

CHORUS Wide awake While you were sleeping Peace came down Peace came down

Unfailing love Beyond Understanding Peace came down Peace came down

BRIDGE In peace I will lay down and sleep For You, the Lord, my soul will keep I’ll live under the shadow of your wings

You gave me breathe You gave me life In You, oh Lord, I’m satisfied I’ll live by faith and not by sight