I've had an awesome year. I'm not going to lie. 2009 has had some awesome moments, both on video and off. For today I want to share a few of the videos from this last year that I loved being a part.

My wife made this video with my boys. It was the first one they ever did any acting in.

I had the chance to go to Uganda and June and here's a highlight video from our 5 day whirlwind trip.

My friend Dean and I decided to come up with a fun tutorial.

The Deal was by far THE most fun video I got to shoot all year. We had so much fun as a family putting this one together!

Slip N Slide Redneck Style was a lot of fun!

This movie just came out of a photo shoot with my friend Geoff (Weddings in Motion) and he shot some video stuff that ended up inspiring me for the idea of SilverScreen Tots

This is one video that I stuck in my head for over a year and it finally came out through some incredible things lining up together.

CIBO and Food For Famine. I got the chance to meet up with Ernie in the early fall and have lately become a director on their board. I'm excited about this organization and can't wait to get more involved with them.

Thanks so much for helping make 2009 an amazing year. If you've made it to the bottom of this post then you can know a couple details for the coming New Year.

I have a fire under in (thanks D'Mack) my belly to get a few things done: - New Ultimate Canucks Fan Videos (there's no contest, I want to do it just for the fun of it) - The Matt & Jason Show (you will love what we have planned for this) - More Hawkins Boy Action Movies

Thanks again, Matthew A. Hawkins

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