Disney has an incredible influence in the lives of our children.They have helped build some crazy, insane thoughts and ideas into our kids lives. All in the spirit of Christmas, of course.

My 4 year old has said the following in the last few weeks regarding Christmas:

- Don't ruin Christmas Mommy (He has had a genuine worry that Christmas will be ruined... a classic plot in ALL Disney Christmas movies) - Santa is coming to our house? How will get through the glass? (We have a gas fireplace with the glassy window)(As good parents, we have shown him The Santa Clause and showed Tim Allen's old tricks) - I told my kids about a dog I used to have named Tig. They asked what happened to Tig, I told them he went away. That was when they asked if Tig went to live with Santa in the North Pole. It was then that my wife, who left me out to dry on this, looked at me and said that was the best dinner conversation ever. - People ask him if Santa is bringing him presents. His reply? No, my mom does it. (He's a little freaked out about Santa - maybe one too many visits to Sketchy Santas???)

Speaking of Santa, a friend wrote this on my wife's wall: Both my kids cried when they went to see Santa too! Personally, I think they had great discernment. Seriously, mall Santa is a total stranger, dressed in a disguise, who encourages little kids to sit on his lap to exchange secrets and give them candy. ALL stuff we protect our kids from normally and warn them against, but somehow at the mall, we hope they will be excited to take part in this ritual so we can have a photo of it. It's really mental when you think about it. Your boys are smart! They know what's going on! :) Kids sure make this time of year a lot of fun I must say!

How has Disney warped your perspective on Christmas AND/OR life?

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins