Well you may have heard me mention last week that I was testing out the Canon 7d for a few things. I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. I've had the chance to use the 5d and have loved the outcome of it. The 7d is surely close to it. I'm not enough of an expert to say what it doesn't match up to with the 5d, but I'm impressed.

I'm looking at the 7d for primarily video purposes. The look and style you can get with these cameras is so hard to reproduce in the same price range. Shooting with a 35mm adapter for your camcorder pretty much costs the same as it does to buy a 7d, with 50mm lense, 32GB compact flash card and a product service plan (not bad). The cost between the two simply draws me to the 7d. In comparing the 5d to the 7d, I would simply pick the 7d, just for costs sake. The 5d is awesome, but $2000 more. I like the 7d and it does what I want. Hopefully in the near future it will be forever in my arsenal!

One of the reasons why I love the 7d/5d so much is simple reason like this:

Being able to focus indoor and then outdoor like this, simply blows my mind!

And gotta love me letting my son play on my iPhone!!!

My wife took these pictures. They are straight out of the camera, just resized for my blog. I love how they turned out. I also love the lights behind the subjects and the cool, blur, out of focus, 35mm movie style, stunning look you get from this camera (and the 5d) decoration7d