lyfs You may have heard me say a thing or two about Living Young & Free on this blog before, well let me say a few things again.

I really like what these guys are doing. I am both amazed and excited by their potential. They are made up of a great group of people that work hard together and have a common goal. Not to mention that their team is made up of a group people all across North America. I think one thing I really like is that they are based out of my backyard - right here in Chilliwack, BC.

It's been cool to be able to watch Tim McAlpine work on this project. I had a chance to sit down for lunch with him not too long ago and talk about his experiences and lessons he's learned. With Tim and with many of us I'm sure, we all go through times of testing and it's a matter of what we do in those times that determines the outcome. Tim gave me some great resources that have helped and they've been cool to take a look at. New doors are constantly opening and it's a matter of whether we're willing to step through them.

Being in the Currency Marketing office yesterday and spending time with Tim and Cheryl gave me some fresh inspiration for new possibilities and a new strength for finding potential in a dream.

Aside from all of that, I had a fun time hanging out behind the scenes of the Living Young & Free show - a show that they do every month. LAST WEEK Cheryl shared her experiences and process of hosting an online show AND this week we bring you some fun clips from behind the scenes of their December/Christmas show. (The show will be online sometime in the next week)

**Production Note: I shot this with the Canon 7d. Awesome camera. Only thing I didn't like is the lack of control on the audio. I couldn't monitor the audio or adjust it on the fly. Next time I would drop the receiver on my wireless mic so that the audio wouldn't peak so much - a simple enough fix, but would be nice to have volume control on the 7d itself!

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins