We all do it. We're all victims of it. Heck, the Internet is filled with them.I have several sites I check daily for updates, some sites more than daily. It's a terrible habit I know, but truth is I often need a quick boost out of reality and a quick little distraction to keep my sanity.

Here's a short list, by no means comprehensive, of the biggest time wasters I have:

- Google Reader - If you don't use an RSS Reader for all the blogs you read or wish you would read, you're doing more than just wasting a little time. Google Reader speeds up the time wasting process to a minimum. - Facebook - there's a reason they called it CrackBook. Sucks up time like crazy, I purposely have stopped playing any games like Scrabble, Mafia Wars etc for this exact reason. - Twitter - I love Twitter and thanks to Tweetdeck it keeps time wasting to a minimum. - Fail Blog - I can sometimes pee myself laughing reading through this site. Another great site for your RSS feed reader! - Uncrate - It's the Internets version of window shopping. Very cool site and they update very often. I've found and bought some cool stuff because of this site, so be warned! - My Blog - If you're thinking of taking up blogging, be warned, it takes time AND effort. This 31 day spree of posts is taking time, but in the end is a matter of whether you think it's worth it. I do, so I keep on posting. - Apple.com/Trailers - One of my favorite sites of all time. I love this site so much, that when I sit down with my laptop at home, my boys instantly want to watch trailers with me... not good... maybe! - Canucks.com - I love keeping up with the boys. On a similar note, word is that the Ultimate Canucks Fan may be coming back from the minors. Stay Tuned!

Aside from websites, blogs and social networks, I've also been known to throw a ball around my office. Also, I have recently re-instated office golf - video for this in the future!

What are some of your time wasters?

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins

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