I'm introducing Nora to you. I've known Nora since an audition class with Ozone. You'll see from her story, a little passion can go a long way... I met Nora at an audition class put on by Ozone Ent. a few years ago. It's amazing how in the business of production you never who you will meet, when you will meet them and what effect that could have - just read what Nora has to say! My name is Nora Baterdok. I am an actress, originally from Edmonton, AB. From the time I was young I was fascinated by TV. I used to get my mom to buy the Los Angeles times just so I could see if there was anything about Hollywood in it. I come by my acting naturally, my mom won several awards when she was young for drama! As I grew up my life took me in other directions. There wasn't much in Edmonton for film and television. Instead I became an entrepreneur! My favorite super hero has always been Superman. You can imagine, I have always been a huge Smallville fan. At age 28 I found out Smallville is filmed in BC. I decided I wanted to move to BC and be on it! Not a small feat, coming from Edmonton, but if you don't try you never know! That is what brought me to BC in 2003. I started off with my first background job a month after I moved here. It was on the movie White Chics. I fell in love with being on set and eventually made it onto Smallville! I like to read and watch hockey. I like road trips and just meeting and talking to people. I find all forms of art interesting.


I have been an actor/background performer in Vancouver for about 6 years. I have learned a few things along the way!

1) Don't take anything too personally. If you audition and don't get the part, it has little to do with you being 'good enough' or 'not good enough'. Some people will just have the right look!

2) No matter how small or big the job is, always show up prepared and be happy to be there. You never know when your attitude will give you more than 'what you know' will. People notice the bad attitudes, but they notice the good ones too. I have had this notion both do me good and BAD. Someone is always watching or listening! Everyone has good days and bad days, but try and put your best foot forward all the time.

3) Treat people with respect. When you are an actor, treat the background well, when you are doing background, treat PA's with respect. Everyone on set has a job to do and it is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the next person's job. Remember the Golden Rule. If you treat people as equals it will be noticed and appreciated. Many of the people doing jobs you might deem 'unimportant' are writing their own screenplays! Everyone starts somewhere...

4) Have something else to do. The industry is unpredictable and having another skill to market is important. When it's good, everyone is working, when it is slow...it is SLOW.

5) Have FUN! You can learn many things by watching and observing what people do on set. There are many different jobs, many different skills that can be used. If you don't know what you want to do for a living, go work on a set for a day! There is alot to choose from!