By far the best resource under the sun when it comes to After Effects tutorials.Andrew Kramer is a rising star that still concerns himself with creating a community of people that connect, communicate and help each other grow. Video CoPilot gives out a whole bunch of free resources and tutorials and the cost for their paid products is minimal.


If you are new to the whole world of After Effects, Andrew Kramer has some of the best tutorials that you don't want to miss out on - all for the beginner and all for getting you some basic knowledge - CHECK IT OUT

Of all VCP's products, I must say that I use the Evolution, Riot Gear and Action Essentials II products the most. Best thing to do is bundle up some of his products and go at it. It's also amazing to interact with their customer service. I have had a few moments with questions on their products and have got nothing but tremendous support.

Then there are the plug-ins and presets. Best Plug-In so far is Twitch. It costs $50 but is more than worth it. You have to get it. A must have for EVERY video editor. Not to mention the up and coming FREE Plug-In coming out very, very soon - Sure Target 2. They have it out right now as a preset, but the Plug-In looks amazing.

If you check out the presets page - CLICK HERE - this stuff is all free and very easy to use. Awesome thing too, is there are FREE tutorials on how to use all of them.

Andrew Kramer is really an inspiration. His work is getting seen everywhere now with his help on the title sequence of FRINGE and Star Trek (The Latest Movie). Stay tuned to his page, you won't want to miss the new LENS FLARE Package coming out soon!

Here's one piece of work I've done using some elements from Action Essentials II.

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins