Just over a month or so ago I shared about a video shoot that I got to be a part of. This new non-profit organization opened their doors on World Food Day at Trinity Western University. It was an exciting morning seeing all the interested and curious faces wanting to know more about Food For Famine and this new childrens supplement meal: CIBO (pronounced CHEE-BO - it's the Italian word for food). I had the chance to film several guest speakers and a handful of other great moments throughout the day, including the exciting ribbon cutting done by three little girls and the team of FFF.

As CIBO is getting going and the potential of it is truly tremendous, I just want to share my biggest inspiration of it all. Mary Martini is the founder behind the organization, along with two talented and sharp young men (Ernie and Eric). Mary watched a special done by Anderson Cooper on a new food supplement for kids. She was so compelled by the amount of change a little bit of peanut paste could make in a child's life that she began a strenuous road down making something happen. I had the chance to sit down with her and her team and ask some questions:

One of the questions that I asked Mary was why she wanted to do what she was doing. What was it that made her want to step out. She said that she just had to do it. She felt so compelled to go out and do something, she couldn't just leave this story she had heard alone. She felt the need to respond. I continued on to ask her if the journey for CIBO had been anything like she was hoping for, she responded by saying that it was far more difficult than she had imagined and that she has only enjoyed it more than she ever thought.

I've walked away from my project with CIBO only to find that my story with them will mostly likely not be over yet. I'm inspired by Mary and her passion. I'm curious of the potential to change kids lives in places of the world where just a little food can impact them and their entire communities. I've even begun to realize through CIBO and FoodForFamine that I have a passion of working alongside non-profit organizations and to use my talents to get their stories told.

What compels you? What are you doing about it?