In case you missed it, we're starting a 31 day mass craziness of posts on Matthew A. Hawkins - READ WHAT TO EXPECT HERE A few things that I've mentioned before was about the process in how we've done/are doing things at PCC. I'm learning a lot about management and working through crazy deadlines, but I wouldn't be able to do it without two key things:

1) Resource Submission Form 2) Content Form

Feel free to download them. They aren't exciting to look at, but they give me some clarity in what I need to do next. For instance, for the month of December I have over 20 different projects to complete (most of them before December 23rd). They range from print designs, to our welcome desk, to video and even some other crazy ideas. Each form gets inputted into a general binder where people see how the project is going and if it will be completely on time.

Even though this process has been working well, it still needs some tweaking, especially on my end. I'm in the process of creating a project timeline for each project and list out what needs to be completed next and what steps I need to make by what days/times in order to get it all done.

Process works. Most of the time we just need to figure out what works for us and then continually tweak it.

How do you work through your to do list?

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins