With my new role at PCC, people have been asking me what I'm doing. Here it is: I've been given the task of branding everything at PCC. What does that mean? Everything that gets sent out from PCC goes through my department first. Kids ministry, youth, any type of signs, artwork, inserts and the program, web displays and updates, Sunday morning announcement reel, ANYTHING. My weeks are crazy and I sometimes often wonder how I will get everything done. Right now I have the following that needs to be completed for the end of November: - kids volunteer brochure - 2 youth promo videos - a youth sign up form (the conference they are attending made horrible sign-up forms) - a missions meeting video (a tour of the facilities at NACMU in Uganda - which I got to film in June) - plus my weekly things (announcement reel, Tuesday meetings and more) (This is just for the last 10 days of November)

The only way I've been able to get so much done is because of a process/system we've put in place. A staff member we brought on in September is Mr. Organized (I've actually given him another nickname that he knows about,but I'll leave it unsaid for now) and he's been whipping everyone in shape. Out of need and necessity my department was the first to get formally organized. We developed a form called an RSF (Resource Submission Form) that anyone can fill out for any media output (print, web, video) and then following the process sheet we have for each of those outputs (3 week time line for print, 4 weeks for video and 1-2 weeks for web) I go to town getting the job done. It's crazy being the center of the hub for all of our communication for our church. I get a lot of requests, but I also get to have input into a lot of ministries.

You've seen me write it before, but truthfully it's really whipped me into shape... in a production way. Now if I can only get that going for other areas of my life... ie physical... blah

With this process and the accountability and support I have, I've not only seen myself step up, but I've seen our staff at PCC step up. We're reaching for a new level in our outputs, and not just production. It's very exciting to watch.

With all that said, it's brought me to another spot in what I can do and I have a desire to do more. So tomorrow come back for "My Desire"

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins