To say that taking on my new role at PCC has been challenging is limiting in words.I've mentioned before that I have been able to push myself to a level of production I haven't seen from myself before, and now I want more.

One of the things I've learned and read almost everyday at PCC is "Change is inevitable. Successful change is not."

I want more. I want to be better. I have things I want to strive for in life. I want to be more successful than I thought I could be.

Recently I've had some character building moments, some moments where I've needed to look at what I'm doing and if I want to do it differently or keep going down the same road. Thanks to what I've learned about processes and change at PCC, I'm looking to apply it to a few things in my own life to see the things I want to have happen, happen.

Stay tuned this week as I'll be sharing some more things. I'm not going to lie. I'll need your help with some of it, but I promise that it'll be painless... can't say the same for me.

What are you being challenged with? If nothing, why not?