Ok, so no word of a lie, these are all true things I have heard from fellow passengers and drivers while taking public transit in Chilliwack. chwkbus

If you don't take public transit, you should try it out from time to time, it's actually fun and quite interesting at times.

- I've made my immune system quite strong actually, I don't need immunization. - That girl and I made out (from a girl on the back of a bus while kissing her boyfriend) - Can I get money for beer? (At least he was honest) - Why don't they put up bus signs for where the buses stop? (While standing underneath a bus sign and next to a bus bench) - Does this bus go downtown? (Where else in Chilliwack does a bus go?) - I like calculations for foundations. Foundations are crucial in buildings. You know. (From what I've heard this guy goes to UFV for a drafting certificate)

I have more, but I'll save them for later. Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins