I've been looking into a bit of what the director Spike Jonze has done in his career - THANK YOU IMDB.COM With the recent release of "Where The Wild Things Are" and his even more recent release of a creative project, featuring the ever so polite Kanye West, I've been intrigued in who Spike is.


I was amazed to read through his credits for writing, directing and producing. I was actually confused. He has directed some of the best movies I think I have been made. Well in terms of writing and complexity. Then he's gone and been a writer for one of MTV's cult classic shows turned movies.

Looking into who Spike is and what he does has actually challenged me a bit. Sure I don't like some of the stuff he's done, but no one ever will like everything you do. People will always find something to say about what you did well and what you did poorly. I just hope as an artist I have the courage and willingness to step out creatively and try new things on a continual basis. It's stretching, eye opening and provides you with skills you don't know when you might need.

How can you be stretched in your area of work? What can you do to learn and do more?