Well we had some great entries in the SilverScreen Tots Contest!With knowing some of the contestants and knowing that it would be difficult to pick out the winner myself, I felt it best to bring in some judges to pick out our winners. Yes I did say WINNERS! (plural)

First, a little about our judges: Desiree - Des is our family babysitter. She knows kids and she knows cute kids. Ashley - A long time family friend and soon to be mother or at least we bug her about being so all the time! Adam - Adam is a fellow filmmaker and has a passion for creativity and great compositing. Stacey - Stacey has a background in web and graphic design and an eye for that great image.

Our runner-up is...


Stacie submitted her photo and our judges loved the plumbing aspect of this photo. Stacie you have won a $100 rebate on our Video Montage Package! Thanks so much for entering!

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And our winner is... Fall 2009 024

Meet Sam! Congratulations Naomi on your entry!

Congratulations Naomi, you've won a $500 Video Montage Package!

Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned for more great news on SilverScreen Tots!