UPDATEWell things in my life have been very busy. On a complete side note, I said YES to something that in a way I had been fighting against. When I made the commitment I have had more doors open, more emails, more phone calls than I have ever had in this line of work. It's been very bizarre and exciting! So instead of fighting something that you think you should be doing, it can actually be very good for you!

I have some work that I am excited to share with you, but that will have to be next week once it makes its official public launch! SilverScreen Tots is doing really well and we have people entering the contest, have you entered yet? CHECK IT OUT HERE

CHALLENGE As for my challenge - I had a great talk with a client yesterday - it involved changing the way you design and create things. Does everything you do have the same look and feel? Do you ALWAYS use Papyrus (please say no or never)? Do you always like grunge backgrounds? Or perhaps you make the same style and flow to your videos? The client I talked to yesterday said he could pick out the videos I've made. I've known that about myself for a bit and I've been challenged to make changes. It was an interesting conversation as I told him to check out a few other videos I knew had a different look/feel. He cut me off and said, 'Wait a second, I'm not saying you have a bad style. When I was looking for work to get done I knew you had the style I needed, that's why I used you."

So my challenge for you and me: Do you use the style in your designs because you like it or because you know it's effective and the quality your client needs/deserves?

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins

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