The last couple of days I've been lost in work, thought and scrambling for a double header of a birthday this weekend. Currently its 1:00am and I am finishing up a video, with amazing footage, I can't wait to share with you.

I'm working on what it is I need to do. The big picture that is. What it is I need to be a part of. Simply put, it needs to be bigger than myself. It needs to be so big that I know I can't do it on my own.

As I've been thinking things through, a few major cultural moments have stuck in my head. The one that is with me the most right now is from Ray Charles. During a time of civil rights upheaval and racial discrimination, Ray Charles helped people stand up. He helped people open their eyes.

He sang a classic song, but a song that built bridges.

What am I going to do? Well a few things I know for sure. Financially I want to help out where I can. I want to help bring my finances and others to the table. Let's be honest, even in an economic down turn we are still doing better than the majority of the world that lives off less than a dollar a day. Entrepreneurial passion, I want to bring it to the table. How can my business and others help out?

I see major need out there and I want to do something about it. Thanks to my younger and stupider days, I've learned I need to slow down, process things and make solid decisions. I want to create a movement, not just a moment.