I get bugged a lot because I work behind a desk all day. I use my right fore finger and my brain all day for work. It sure beats busting my back over drywall all day (I grew up watching my dad grimace in pain day after day as he did drywall, taping, steel studs, etc.) I knew I didn't want my back to give out before I did, but I had no idea that I would have been doing what I do now.

Anyways, because I don't work on the job site like on some 10 storey construction building or the latest bank renovation, I've found that I need tiny little distractions to keep me sane.

Much like these guys...

So instead of swinging myself around on a small crane, I use this: pinkball

It's inspired by the red ball in House MD. My wife bought it for me.

I must say I come up with some ideas with it. Just throwing it across the room. I sit and think.

I just wish they didn't label it PINKY. What a terrible name.

Hopefully I can wear it off soon and all while using my brain more than brawn.

What do you do for distractions at work?


Matthew A. Hawkins