What are some of your essential desk items? For myself, I've discovered I'm a minimalist. I don't like clutter. I don't like stuff piled up on my desk. Some people do, I don't.

Since the new purchase of a 17" MacBook Pro, I've moved my office around to accommodate my OCD. I want space and no clutter. This is what it all looks like and I'll go into a few details as well.


Here's a bit of a list of what I have on my desk:

- cool can o pens (as for pens I am very particular. ball point sucks so I use Uniball Vision fine point pens = AWESOME) - my stack o books that I need to read through. included in that pile is crazy love, dv rebels guide, watchmen, too small to ignore and mastering shots

- I have a stack of PQ DV tapes, fresh and ready for a project tomorrow - my wacom tablet - a plant that I don't think is going to make it much longer photo4

- a stack of paper (since I work in multiple areas I have multiple to-do-lists. I also have a notebook I use for ideas, thoughts, and I have a moleskine that I use for my storyboards. In this pile I also have my latest WIRED magazine) - my custom designed DVDs for Hawkins Media - I have my own DVD I use to give clients materials and to use for demo/business card type hand outs - the handy dandy iPhone usually sits here, but I used it for taking the photos, all with my Shake It Photo app! - then there's the super 8 (my wife bought this for me and it has found a great spot next to a wood carving we bought on our honeymoon) photo3photo2

In the corner section of my office, it's a whole wack of books, CD's (soundtracks mostly), DVDs (tutorials, software, etc.), business cards, duplicator, hard drives and a few office supplies.

So that's what I have on my desk, what do you have?


Matthew A. Hawkins