DVDs from DVD rental stores are like... read more below to see the horrible truth about renting DVDs. I like movies.

Let's not lie. I really like movies.

Sometimes it can hurt your pocketbook.

I used to go out and buy a lot of DVDs. When we didn't have cable we either rented or bought up DVDs like crazy. The latest movies, classics, TV seasons, you name it. It just got to be too much.

Insert iTunes movie rentals. HELLO!

Did you know that when you open up the iTunes store and click on the movies section, you can find a section called 99 cent rentals? Well you can! It changes ever week so if you don't like what they offer one week, wait for the next. I've had the chance to sit through some movies I had meant to watch but never did AND I did it all at home without having to show my ID or stupid membership card.


Best thing is that it's quick and easy. No late fees.  No reservations necessary. And you don't have to worry about scratches or someone else stealing the only copy the store has of that particular movie.

As I was saying at the beginning. Want to know what I think  DVD rental stores are like? I think DVD rental stores are pimps. Do you know where their DVDs have been? How many other DVD players they've been through? Next time you rent a classic DVD from a store, check out the disc and just see how scratched up it is. Sad.

So go check out iTunes. Rent a 99 cent movie or even something else. You'll love it. I know you will.