Today I had the chance to attend Willow Creeks Leadership Summit via satellite feed at a church in Langley. It was my second time attending this summit and I must say that anyone who does ANY kind of leading needs to attend this conference. It's faith based and before you roll your eyes and say "Oh here we go" Just take a look at the line up - Bono, Tony Blair and other major leaders from all sorts of fields across the world. Well this will probably be a longer post then normal but I want to share some of my notes from today (just the highlights because I have A LOT).

Session One - Bill Hybels "Leading in a New Reality" - odd part of ocean called rogue waves; economically we have/are facing a rogue wave - the old normal is not to return, we're heading in new territory - normal we all knew is gone, whether we know it or not we all are leading in a new reality - rough patches force new levels of courage and creativity Bill had four main points he covered:

1) Philosophical - church needs to be the church - now is the time to test your metal, live out your values and philisophies

2) Financial - healthy reserves give leaders time - economic crisis can cause/force us to create new models and make necessary changes - even things are down, people will still give to a cause that has white hot vision

3) Relational - need expectancy of great things to happen in our time - are we having honest conversations with our staff on our expectancy of God?

4) Personal - we all require adequate replenishment; find the things that fill you up - in tough times we can have temptation to work and forget to relax and replenish - its important to remember to read and listen slowly, then we will hear more

Session Two - Panel Discussion "Hiring/Boards/Firing"

1) Hiring - when tend to idealize people when we are in need - first impressions are often wrong; need to meet up with people multiple times - ask what other people think about your potential hire; spend time with them

2) Boards - we cannot build trust without vulnerability - if board is not functional then business will not be functional

3) Firing - should never be a surprise; needs to be communication - people consider it to be compassionate to not be honest with someone - kindest form of management is truth Session Two - Gary Hamel "Manage Differently Now"

- success is a self correcting system - we need to change the way we change - everyone is successful until they are not - don't confuse the edge of your rut for the horizon - it takes 1000 ideas to come up with 1 good one; its about the process of getting there - how unconventional do we need to be? how will we make the changes we need to make?

Session Three - Tim Keller "Leading People To The Prodigal God"

- people think prodigal son is about the wayward son, its actually about both of them - we can still be lost with our goodness, it takes more then just our own actions - the older brother has tendencies (gets angry with life when it doesn't go well, believes God owes you, they don't really believe in the Gospel) - need to find new level of repentance and rejoicing, not for wrong doing but for right doing

Session Four - Jessica Jackley "Interview about Kiva"

- discover the unimaginable - release creativity and imagination for belief in anything - fear and fascination brings possibilities - kiva provides microfinance - the power of small loan to help poor in the world - don't wait for answers just go

Session Four - Harey Carey "Against All Odds"

- calling is worth more then wage or title - people under one vision can do anything - everywhere there is need, how are you going to help? - this guy was PASSIONATE, a lot of fun and inspiring

So that's it for the day, but more tomorrow. Like I said, some good stuff you'll be able to keep in the brain for the rest of your life.


Matthew A. Hawkins