For the last month I've had the occasional post about ideas and the process of them. Well one idea is coming to the forefront and I'm excited to share it with you here. As some of you may already know, I have helped develop and maintain the advertising reel at Cottonwood 4 Cinemas. It's been two years this August since I helped get them set-up and has been a great learning experience to get us to the point of where we have this ship well oiled and ready for anything.

I've teamed up with Salmar Theatres in Salmon Arm to get an advertisement reel ready to play before their 5 screens. It's going to be a great new venture for them and for me. I'm more than excited about it.

Here's the brochure for potential advertisers. Cover Inside

A Couple Quick Facts for You: - Salmar Theatres is a non-profit organization. They give back thousands to the community, from scholarships, to vehicles to anywhere in need, they help out. - Salmar has two locations in Salmon Arm: the Grand (a fourplex) and the Classic (it really is a classic). While we were there in June we had the chance to watch Up in 3d at the Classic and I must say they have an incredible system set-up there. - Salmon Arm is a beautiful town on the south end of Shuswap Lake. If you've never been there, I recommend you go.

So over the next month here we'll be contacting local businesses, organizations and anyone who will listen in Salmon Arm to get the word out there. Advertising is now available at the Grand and Classic. An idea come to fruition and about to come alive. Gotta be excited about that!


Matthew A. Hawkins