Well to say not much has been happening would be a bit of a lie.I have a number of different projects on the go that I haven't had time to share about, for a number of reasons, the main reason being that they aren't in the place for public unveiling yet.

So I took some time this afternoon to sit down and go over some inspirational videos, some blogs and just some quiet time in my office.


I came up with a solid list of 20 or so things. Things I've been wanting to blog about but haven't processed completely. I will also keep plugging along with some thoughts on "the process of ideas" and will be looking to some guests to post thoughts and tips from their areas of expertise.

In the meantime, enjoy the hot weather, have an ice cold one in the little kiddies pool where you wish you could sit all day and catch you on the flip side.

Peace out. Matthew A. Hawkins


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