Well like I said in my previous post, I like to organize things and bring some structure to my creativity. So since I made the last post, I felt it necessary to go back and organize my thoughts on processing ideas.

First Steps

Finding your Inspiration - this varies from person to person. Some people find it in nature, others watching people in a mall. For myself I find it in reading, watching TV or film and just taking moments to get behind the camera and even after all of that I often find my inspiration in the mundane moments of life - sleeping, showering, driving in the car (thanks to the mic app on iPhone software 3.0 I record a lot of my ideas to recite back later).

Map It Out - If your idea is worth chasing after, map it out. See what possible pitfalls may come, where you could succeed the best. Map out where you want it to go in a year and what possibilities you hope for it.

Give your Idea Life - get behind your idea. Put a little gumption into it. Plenty of people find inspiration, they come up with new ideas, but they never do anything about it. How many people have you met that have wished they did something but they never did it? Get off the couch, turn off the TV and do something. Make your ideas breath.

Second Steps

Network It - Get your idea out there. You have no idea who you might meet that could help you with what you're idea entails. Talk with people, get to know people, find people in the same field as you.

Hold It Close To Your Chest - Now this might seem like it completely takes away from the last point, but I've had enough stuff taken from me that I've learned the hard way. Keep your ideas close to your chest and don't just let anyone know about them.

Trust Your Gut - After those last two points, this is the one I think is most important. Your gut tells you more then you would ever know. Trust what you're trying to say to yourself.

Third & Fourth Steps

To Be Continued...


Matthew A. Hawkins