Sometimes in the world of creativity you hit and other times you miss. I did that this week I think. Actually, no I did miss. I missed big time. I didn't like it. What's worse is the client let me know before I let them know. I made something that I wasn't 100% about and I should have left it for the day and come back to it. Sometimes you get too close to a project and you don't let others look at it, give insight, ideas and then BOOM it blows up in your face.

Here's the scenario. I had one idea for a promotional video in my head. I liked it, but I wasn't sure it would work, SO I took the safe road and made something SAFE and BORING. Now I'm not saying that SAFE is always BORING, but in this case it sure was. I flubbed up. Having the client let me know before I let them know was the kicker.

Here's a still from the ugly promo:


Here's a piece from the clients email (posted with permission) "After the amazing job you did on the posters, the bar was set really high.  The colours look bland, the music doesn't  seem coordinated with the video, dance sequences are too slow for the music and not much in the way of crowd shots. I'm sorry to sound abrupt, but I've seen some of your other work and this doesn't compare."

Ouch. The truth hurts at times. Its good to be put in your place and put back before the drawing board.

So I went back to my original idea. I put together the piece I had in my head. I emailed the client back.

Here's my response: "Don’t feel bad. I don’t. Let me take another crack with the idea I first had in mind. Scrap the draft I sent you and let’s try this again."

Here's a still for the new promo, I think it will be kick ACE!


A little insight on it. I made a 2300 x 2300 px background that will have a camera swooping around it in AE. There are some cool old jazz pieces mixed into it with an awesome brick backdrop. I've incorporated their poster into it and have started adding video with some cool texture and color correction.

Lessons Learned Here. Don't be hasty. Let things sit for a night if you're unsure about it. Be honest. With your client and yourself. Stick with your gut. If you're a creative person, those images in your head are there for a reason. Go with it.

Now go on with your bad self and get something done. Cheers,

Matthew A. Hawkins

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