Recently I had the chance to film a commercial for Chilliwack Ford. It was great filming the 15 second spot that they wanted. It was to focus on two vehicles, the Fusion & the F-150. I had the chance to put it together today and send the draft to the client and I wanted to load two videos online for you. The reason being is to show some comparisons. Footage taken straight from your video camera usually needs to be touched up, usually A LOT. Unless you have some great skills and can do some work in production itself, most color correcting will happen in post. It's just the way it works. So below you will see my first draft and then another video showing the comparison of the original footage next to the color corrected footage (oh and a sky replacement as well). You might notice as well that the draft has a few different cuts in it then the comparison does. Those were last minute changes I wanted to make.

For the color correcting I used a new product for the first time, it's called Magic Bullet Quick Looks. Its the simpler version of the Magic Bullet Looks all which you can purchase from red giant software.