Why bother? Why should I bother with posting my day to day interactions on Facebook/Twitter/Blog etc? This question has been running through my head for the last two weeks. Ever since going to Uganda and being gone for 8 days I've been left with wondering what I should do with my 'social media empire'. Don't get me wrong I enjoy being able to post things online and put together various thoughts and ideas, but I think what's really happened for me is that I've gotten away from some of the things that are most important to me. I need to film more. A LOT MORE. Being in Uganda I came into a new realization of just how much I love what I do. I love having a camera, or two or three, hanging off my shoulder. I really love it. I've come back with a bigger passion and desire to chase after the things that I've wanted since I first got into this business. Now, today, I mean business and not just in the business business kind of way.

I've fallen for some of the same excuses that a lot of people use for not following after their hearts desires: money, normal life, paying bills, uncertainty, fear of failure, etc. Truth is we have all that stuff for the rest of our lives, so why worry about it right now when I'm able to just go for it. So I'm putting a few things into place. I'm putting together the script that I think will sell. Sure everyone says that about their script, but you haven't heard about this. Sure everyone says that too, but I know this will do it. I'm not dragging my feet anymore.

I don't know what your evenings look like, but mine consist of supper, playing with the kids, getting the kids to sleep and then enjoying some XBOX Live or a good movie or TV show. All that is good and fine, but now it's the summer and all evening TV is equivalent to WIPEOUT... yawn. So here we go. The script is rolling, I'm going to be filming more in the evenings when the sunlight is just right and I'm going to be chasing after my hearts desire. Facebook and Twitter are going to be put more on hold, but I'm going to be using my blog more as I pursue this through the summer.

My questions to you: Will you bug me for updates on my stuff? And, what are you doing this summer/how are you using your time?

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