I had a crazy weekend. Kind of.It wasn't all that crazy until last night. I had a chance to work at YC Alberta again. This time with a new group of people. Some crazy off the wall, going insane kind of people... not really. I spent the weekend working with Geoff and Naomi Heith (Weddings in Motion) and with Kyle the Stewart.

We were in Rexall Place doing recordings onto CD, DVD and USB Sticks. It was a lot of fun, and I had a chance to spend some time with some old friends and my dad. This was the first year I've gone where I wasn't in charge - Mr. Heith took the reigns and did a mighty fine job.

Being at a weekend like this, with all the teenagers, music, leaders etc. I have picked up on a few points I'd like to share:

- Teenagers are funny. Numerous teens scoured the grounds with the words "Free Hugs" written anywhere appropriately visible. Others walked around yelling "FREE HUGS" or "HIGH FIVES" and holding their arms and hands in open positions to receive whatever form of affection they were able to receive. I found this both funny and sad. - Celebrities are just people. Just because a guy stands on a stage and says a few things or sings a few licks, doesn't mean he's more special than you. However, if everyone believed this, people at TMZ and ET would be out of work and trying to push their trashy news of what their neighbors ate into a respectable newspaper like the Province. - Driving through the night SEEMS like a good idea. It's not. Not for anyone. Not for people who try to sleep, drive or throw up. I hope Geoff feels better, please note Apple Strudel and Pepperoni do not mix well. - Conferences blend into one giant conference over the years. I have been to 5 or 6 or more of these YC Albertas. This year I had a hard time distinguishing what happened what year and who was here etc. It feels like it was one giant conference...