I talked a little while ago about the Flip Video Mino HD, but it seems to be getting more and more popular, so I figured I'd share about it again. The other reason I want to share about it is because it ain't welcome in the Great North yet.


The Flip Video Mino HD is amazing. The price, the quality and the size. When they say you get what you pay for, they mean it.

Here's the specs: Size: 1280 x 720 Bitrate: 9.0Mbps Memory: 4GB Battery: Up to 2 hrs of use between charges 60 Minute Recording Time


My wife and I have been using this camera since the fall and we both love it. She actually wrote a Squidoo Lens about it. Go Check It Out.

Hands down, the Flip is amazing.

Only question is how do you get it in Canada if it ain't available up here? Ship Happens - Boo Ya!

Enjoy Your Day!

Oh and I may try a live feed from Edmonton this weekend, so stay posted!