I've been looking over my blog and my work for the last few days and have been thinking about my own personal goals and aspirations. I started to think about what inspires me. Is it my family? My wife? My kids? Maybe it's my faith? Maybe it's chasing after money or status? What is it that truly inspires me to do what I do? Do you know what inspires you?

For me, I think it's a combination of things. I look at all the areas I'm involved in and I have a desire to be a part of all of them. I look at how I'm involved with businesses, conferences etc. and I see an opportunity to share what I've been given. That said, I don't feel like I'm some uber special gifted person with incredible talent. I constantly look at my work, review my work and question my work. I look at it and I say, "I can do better". It's from moments like that that I wonder what inspires me. Am I doing what I do because I just want to be the best I can be in the field I work in? Or perhaps it's just that I have something inside that I can see and hear and I just want to get out. It's just that my skills are holding me back. What is it that makes me want to keep going?

Well as you can see this is just a lot of babble. I don't post stuff like this too often, but I'm just thinking about what inspires me and I'm curious to know what inspires you and why.

So comment away, get new people here and get them commenting too. Let's get a discussion started.

Inspire me.