Last time I did this it seemed to really generate some interest and great feedback. Just so you know, I value what you write in the comments so feel free to share... except you Kyle Stewart :| I'm working on a poster for the Langley Jazz Festival and wanted to get your feedback in the mix of it as we look to wrap it up soon. Church Marketing Lab does this on Flickr and if you run media/graphics etc for your church/ministry/organization you need to go check them out HERE. Last time was great, check out that post and the end result HERE.

Here's where we're at so far:


A couple things. I haven't worked on the font/text much yet (I know someone in particular will comment about that) and I've focused more on graphics and layout for now. For this particular project the client asked for more gfx representation than pictures and they would consider themselves minimalists for design. I still need to add the Jazz Fests logo and the sponsors logos as well. You're feedback would be more than appreciated.

Remember... I'm laying my work out there for you to criticize constructively. So have at it. It will only make it look better in the end.