Yesterday I had the chance to attend my second Success Club in Chilliwack. It was another great morning meeting with fellow business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs. We gathered together to inspire, encourage and push each other towards our goals and dreams. We had a couple of speakers and a keynote to help us through some new ideas and motivation.

My Notes

Mike- Business Owner Mike spoke about his own life and some of the lessons and experiences he's gone through. I always appreciate hearing someones story and the lessons they've learned. The biggest lessons learned from Mike was his determination, "stick-to-it-tiness" and his passion for his goals and dreams. Here's some of my point form notes: - hard work and determination is better learned at a young age - good to have a plan A, but always have a plan B & C - we should push ourselves to our limits because we have no idea what our mind and bodies are capable of doing - adversities are our friends and we should embrace them

Deborah - About Face Image Consulting Deborah spoke last time we met and this meeting she started what might be a regular mini-series called Business Acceleration Profit Series. She spoke about what seems to be a big tag line for her, "Get Noticed, Known and Remembered". Deborah was great to listen to as she encouraged everyone to start publishing material on the areas they are experts in. The best and easiest way she said for communication and publishing is blogging... I have a hard time disagreeing with that. I loved the question she challenged us with, 'what are you an expert in?' She gave us some homework and I'm curious to see how she'll follow up with us in her mini-series.

Reg - Growing into Success Reg was the keynote speaker and he had a huge amount of material he went through. The thing I loved about Reg the most was his openness and desire to see others open their minds to take control of their thoughts and choices they want to make in their lives. Here's some of his notes he gave us: 1) Know Who You Are 2) Know Who You Want To Be 3) Know What You Want In Life 4) Know Why You Want It 5) Focus On Your What and Why

He has a lot of sub-points for these main points and he interjected a lot of his own experiences and lessons he's learned over life. Great job Reg.

** One last thing I'd like to re-iterate from the meeting is the offer I made for everyone in the success club. For those that have attended one or both of the last two meetings, I'll provide a WordPress blog installation for you free of charge, to help you get started in publishing the area you're an expert in and getting you plugged into the blog-o-sphere.

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins