This last weekend I got to share about community at PCC It was interesting that I was the one asked to share on community as I've had a tough time connecting and being a part of the church there. Not easy at all.

If you feel like it, you can listen to the message here -  feeding-through-community

I just read a few blogs and twitter updates today about people going through a rough time. Something I often forget online is that behind every screen name, every Flickr picture, every profile, blog, bio or whatever is a real person. Real people with real pain and real joy.

After Sunday I feel challenged again to meet more people and get more involved. Not just at PCC, but in everything I do.

Take a moment and think about who's behind that screen your typing through and maybe meet up or call them today instead. And maybe even forget about your Fake Friends on Facebook for a while! ;)

Cheers Matthew A Hawkins