Well if you're wondering what I have been doing with my life OR maybe you think that I have now actually found a life... I have been really busy shooting and editing over the last number of days. To be honest, since my first 'big' short I filmed almost 4 years ago to now, I have learned A LOT! I look back at that short and I shutter with shame. Today, however, I feel I have an incredible worry and nervousness of repeating those same mistakes. I'm also nervous because I'm carrying a lot of the weight to produce material for our big Easter service at PCC this weekend - if you're around you should come check it out at 9am or 1030am - it's going to be a good Sunday! I'll post the videos of that next week as I don't want to spoil anything this week! In other news I've made a couple purchases lately. First - I had a case for my iPhone from some company I don't even want to remember - the case was on a continuous course of self-destruction. It was meant for people that love to wear their phone on their belt, you know cool people, and I just couldn't bring myself to doing that so I think the case decided to mutiny against my phone and me. The case slowly broke down and I chucked it!

I got this superior case in replacement and I must say that I LOVE IT so far. switcheasy2

This case is from a company called Switch Easy and they have some other awesome products you need to check out (no I am not affiliated with them, I'm just sharing the links yo)


And lastly, I found this picture/poster that I just simply knew would look awesome in my office that is slowly getting worked on.


The guy holding the poster is the one who took the shot of the comic covers and he has an awesome blog you need to check out: GreyScaleGorilla

The poster has a limited amount (200 I think) so if you want one, you better hurry up!

And lastly, something from the Grey Scale Gorilla - a DIY vid: