I have a 'great' video tutorial coming out later today that you'll want to come back for, trust me... In the meantime, I recommend you think about taking some time to learn simple design tips for yourself and/or your business.

Seth Godin put together a lense you need to check out

So often in the business world people like to throw together some text and God forbid, some clip art and mash together a piece o' Word and call it 'presentable'. I think people should put the same attention and care in their presentation/marketing as they do in meetings, service, products etc.

Take some time to learn skills that you can use for years to come. What do you have to lose besides your pride?

Oh and ask questions, lots of questions - that's how you learn. You may have forgotten that since high school.

You'll be able to look at work and say with pride you did that. It's more than worth it.

This is coming from a guy who designs stuff for people for a living. I hope you can tell that I just want to see good design everywhere, whether or not its me creating it.

See you soon

Matthew A Hawkins

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