Some of you may have noticed that different people's pictures pop up when they leave comments on my blog. Or maybe you haven't.You may have also noticed there isn't a convenient place to load up your own picture. Or maybe you haven't. Either way I figured I'd just share a simple and quick tip for you that may come in handy.


No I'm not talking about the descendant of Vishnu. Though I know that your first thought was going that way! I'm talking about the great website GRAVATAR


This great site lets you load up your AVATAR or your image/pic of yourself and lets you use it on ANY, or almost any, site that uses avatars with comments. Let me tell you this is so so simple. Just go on the site, sign up, load up your picture and your done.

You can always go back and update your picture to something way cooler.

Some cool avatar moments:

And, Matthew A. Hawkins as a Simpsons avatar