Today I had the chance to join in a meeting with some successful and influential people from the Fraser Valley. Kevin Schroeder from Money Concepts organized a small group of people together this Saturday March 28, 2009 for networking, learning and discussing elements of success. I had the privilege of being asked to share on something I am passionate about: social networks.  I was able to come into the meeting and share some of the projects I have been a part of as an end user (Ultimate Canucks Fan Contest) & projects I am currently partnering with - Taylor Hacquard and Hacquard Racing. You can view my very basic presentation slides below. But wait there is more, trust me - this is where it gets good.

It was an awesome morning and I am thankful for being asked to join. The best part of the morning was the keynote speaker and a quick success story we got to here.

The success story was from Steve Czeck - owner of Empyrion Technologies and Ricardo's Pizza. Here are a few of the notes from Steve's talk: - Love what you do - Stay true to your belief system; live what you believe - Hold fast to your personal & corporate goals, line them up with your belief system - Make your focus on results not dollars - Be aware of your own strengths & weaknesses and work on them - Delegate. When delegating be willing to fail. It might cost you but what did you learn? - Practice stringent spending. Sweat the small stuff because it can add up. - Practice giving away 10% income. You don't need it all anyways. - Be tenacious. Never give up.

Steve was public speaking for the first time and he was great. You never would have guessed that he never shared openly like that before and I'm glad to have been there.

After Steve, we had Deborah Reynolds share with us about her work and some tips on success and image. Here's some notes from her keynote speech:

- Develop strategic alliances with people every where you go. You can do more together than apart. And learn to leverage networks. - Develop an attitude of life long learning - Everything in business is about relationships - Learn to harness the law of attraction - What you want in life, you need to give - Have great conversations with ALL people and always think to leave an impression - 90% of first impressions are wrong. You don't know someone until you start talking with them. - Most valuable asset is your time. Give it to learn about others and opportunities. - If you ask the right question you'll get right answer - Your top values point you in right direction. If you value something, you will do it. - Be in control emotions & environment - Learn to control yourself so you can learn to control others - Treat people with respect - we all want the same thing; we are all human beings Lastly, the two things that jumped out for me: - Reflect the awareness of first impressions AND be aware of lasting impressions

A great morning indeed. Thanks to Kevin and everyone who attended. Look forward to the next one!

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