I've had some time over the weekend to think over several things. I've been wondering what to do on the blog; where I should be taking some of my own film and design ideas, etc. etc. I've decided on coming up with something with some local flava flave!

I live in Chilliwack, so it's pretty easy to come up with some pretty wacky stuff (pun intended) using the name "Chilliwack". I want to highlight the area we live and highlight some of the people that live here - when I say some I am specifically pointing out that Ashley & Jarrett Vaughan DO NOT LIVE HERE... right now. They are lame and live in a beautiful little town full of dog poo in France.

All that to say, the new video series will be two things: ONE: I'm going to be doing more of my stupid little clips like I did last week - Visit Numero Cinqo and Visit Numero 6

TWO: "Walking Around The Wack" featurettes - this will feature people, places and general things about Chilliwack.

So I hope you all stay tuned for some times in the WACKIEST place on earth.


Matthew A. Hawkins