Ok well some of you may still be looking for that perfect Christmas gift for me. I know you've been in a mad dash to get out there and find it, well look no further. This is the best gift any friend, family member, person, animal or caged SPCA dog could give a man:

Back to the Future Die-Cast DeLorean

Add some mid Eighties flair to your work area with this Back to the Future Die-Cast DeLorean ($50). The 1:18 scale replica features a real brushed metal body, display base, and tons of intricate details, including a Mr. Fusion, time-travel controls, a teeny-tiny flux capacitor, and a lever on the bottom for folding up the wheels. Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

Some of you may be confused due to some of my more recent posts, but that's the way things should be. Next time you're waiting in that long at Future Shop waiting to purchase that 46" TV for me, maybe reconsider and buy the diecast DeLorean instead eh?

Matthew A Hawkins