I'm always up for a challenge in the field I work in. I want to stretch my limits, learn new things and try to up the ante every time I go to create something. In this field I have found some people get stuck with one way of designing something, they always have the same look or feel with their work. I started noticing that a little while ago with some of my materials. It bothered me A LOT. I want to be able to do multiple looks, feels and designs for anything or anyone. I've decided to push myself in how I'll film, direct, design, photograph etc.

Last week I met up with a new client. Great client. I'll hopefully have some more news about them in the future, but for now I'll keep that somewhat concealed. They asked me to put together a flyer for them for some of their March specials. They want a template to work off of and well when I showed them my portfolio and asked them what they thought, they said, "It all looks great, but I don't see anything for us."

I was curious about this. I had showed them a number of different designs and I showed them a range of things I had done, but nothing compelled them that they thought would work. They looked at the stuff and wanted something else. A challenge for me. I knew right away this was going to be a good challenge.

The client continued on about the need for simplicity in their design, get away from the artsy stuff and stick with what his audience wanted: Quick and Easy.

I've met a few people along my way in my career that are REALLY good at one sort of design/look/feel, but I think having a broader brush when you come to a new canvas is more important. You never know what you're missing and you never know how far you can push your creative limits.

So I got started on this new canvas and came up with the first draft:

And the second draft:

It's been fun and a challenge. I'll have some more news about other things soon, but hope you all have a great day.


Matthew A. Hawkins