The kids are going crazy for VHS and it could be due to the incredible popularity of 'The Breakfast Club'. This movie is stereotypically contrite and lagging at most parts. How could the masses flock to such a hideous form of entertainment causing them to have such a limited view about people?

Let me tell you how: John Hughes.

Mr. Hughes comes off his fresh 15 minutes of fame of "16 candles" and sticks with his teenager-age flicks that appeal to only one audience, teenagers. With a cast of nearly nobodies riding off the coat tails off Molly Ringwald's new found fame, this movie is destined for nowhere.

A jock, a princess, a misfit, a nerd, and a lout all meet up together in detention and realize they're all human beings. Astonishing I know. That's the movie. That's it. What kind of writing is this John?

This movie moves a little slow and keeps people wrapped up in their own personal identities and groupings. The cast is far from star studded and I doubt they'll have much of a career beyond this movie.  'The Breakfast Club' will remain a fossil of 1985 and will probably carry little impact in any high school setting throughout North America.

After the hassle of finding a store to rent this clunky VCR and finding the only copy of 'The Breakfast Club' on VHS in town, I'm left with an unsettling feeling that maybe I pigeonhole people too much. Possibly, just possibly I put people in groupings that shouldn't exist. We're all unique and have joys and pains that affects each of us differently. Then again maybe I just like to keep things organized and tidy and throw away anything that challenges my thought and belief system.

Well I better hurry, someone else wants to rent the ONLY VCR the store has to rent. There's got to be an easier way to rent movies.

Matthew A. Hawkins