I've only watched 2 seasons of American Idol. This season, season 8, would be the second season I've watched. So really, it's only 1.75 seasons. If you asked me who the contestants were of season 1, I would say Kelly and that guy with the crazy hair that would have a terrible time managing it. Sure I could tell you who won other Idol years, but I can't say I watched them all. I know Ruben always talked about his phone number, maybe he missed home and singing his number was the way he could remember it... I think I'll try that with my kids.

This year I've committed myself to watching American Idol from start to finish. I dream big in life I know! I think I have set myself up for success for this dream, mostly for the fact that Ben Mulroney isn't hosting this show. Thank God!

Over the season thus far I have noticed a few things that I'd like to point out:

  • Randy always refers people as 'dude' or 'man' regardless of their gender
  • Kara always wants to eat the mic, I thought she has recorded a lot of music?
  • Kara is always hunched over. I don't get it. Don't singers need to have good posture?
  • Anytime Simon opens his mouth people BOO him. Do Americans not like the English, as well as the French?
  • Paula always seem high. I thought maybe she had an off day, but from what I've been told she has A LOT of off days.
  • Simon and Paula have this strange thing going on between them. Maybe they have one of those "When you choose not to be high or I turn 70, we'll get married" kind of deals.
  • Ryan Seacrest likes to start his 20 second intro from different places on the stage, I think he likes to run around the stage for fun.
  • American Idol is 80% comments and recaps and 20% show.

I'm going to keep watching this season and enjoying it. I'm putting some money on Danny or Alexis, though I wish Norman was still around.


Matthew A. Hawkins