And draft 3:Check it out here...

If you're just joining this post, please feel to scroll down and see where this conversation has started. Here are two updated looks from your feedback. Thanks so much for taking the time. Notes:

  • I scrapped the girl and flower and went simpler
  • I cropped the first pic and added a tree too - Thx Mr. Jeffrey
  • Changed the font - Thanks to Mr. Toyota
  • Made the wings more a part of the heart - Mr. Geoff

Thoughts? Draft Two(s)

:::: Start of the Conversation Begins Here ::: I'm working on a design for some great guys at PCC.

This is the first draft of the design:

I've got a few thoughts of what I like and don't like about it so far, but feel free to leave your COMMENTS.

In the design I'm not sure about:

  • The girl on the left, not sure if she fits with the image.
  • The verse under 'LOVE', not sure if its bright enough
  • I don't know if I like the color of the flower...
  • I added Greek words for love in the background, instead of adding flourishes or hoolidanders.
  • I added wings behind the heart, courtesy of Go Media - these guys are awesome!

(ht: Go Media and PSD Tuts)