I get to do video tours for a great real estate company: Happy Homes BC

The other day I was supposed to do a video tour at *INSERT BUSINESS NAME HERE* and I needed to be covert.

Yeah, I'm all spy like. I know, it's cool.

So I told the person working that I was doing a preemptive tour of the place because the owners wanted to get a commercial done. Preemptive makes it sound cooler. I think I actually said "preliminary" but whose keeping track.

I then proceeded on my merry way and took some pictures and video for the great guys of Happy Homes. All that said, because I wanted to post a couple things in terms of real estate:

1. The market doesn't crash. It's not the stock market. There is only so much land in the world and people will buy and sell it forever. Get in when you can. It will work out to be a good investment, even if times are tough.

2. Happy Homes have some great deals and are great buyers. I have sat in meetings with them and talked negotations. I have bought my home through them. They have one philosophy that I love "Win, Win". It's even framed and on the wall of their office.

3. Because they are a part of Sutton they have a great opportunity for you to get into a ridiculous rate for your mortgage. It's the Sutton member program and you need to check it out.

4. Happy Homes is selling the Flora building. I've been in the place and it's awesome. Great finishing, attention to detail and crazy low prices. Awesome for a first time buyer or young couple. Check out the Flora info here.

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Or Give Them a Call - 1-888-355-6771 or 604-793-9900

Or check out their Commercial:
Happy Homes Commercial from Matthew Hawkins on Vimeo.