They are out there.You see them, but you don't. They sneak in to take a bite and then they leave. I hate them. Ok maybe that's a little strong, but I strongly dislike them.

They are what makes the blogging community ticked off. They take and take and take, give back very little and then take some more. They are like the tape worm.

I'm talking about the people who are faceless and nameless online. They hide behind emails, nameless comments and hidden visits of blogs. They like to swoop in and complain about one thing or another and then swoop out. They are usually very opinionated, loud and obnoxious and leave nothing for others to dialogue about.

Since joining the blogging, twitter, social network community I have learned the best way you get something out of it, is if you put something into it. Some people worry about security, but remember, you only let people know as much as you tell them.

Community comes from people joining together and working through things together. When one person takes a stand and is unwilling to listen to others, they are hurting the community. When one person swoops in a lousy statement and gives no place for encouragement or growth, they are hurting the community. Hurting the community gets your nowhere.

I am writing this because I've learned what it means to be more a part of community both online and off:

  • Connect with those around.
  • Don't always talk about your life, thoughts or opinions.
  • Give room for discussion.
  • Give room for growth.

Get rid of this stupid avatar in your life and grow a pair.

Matthew A. Hawkins